iGov PAD

Innovative solutions to administrative processes in electronic government

The iGov PAD – Digital Administrative Processes - is a solution for Integrated Management Processes and Documents developed by DSCON to create, process, manage, and control administrative processes in municipal, state and federal organizations. With the use of electronic processing, administrative processes are no longer created on paper and now you will have 100% of your documents in electronic format. The control and management are available for any user in single interface. Every authenticity and integrity are guaranteed with the use of digital certificates ICP-Brazil.

The solution architecture iGov PAD is based on Oracle products:

  • Oracle BPM Suite 11g;
  • Oracle Webcenter Portal 11g;
  • Oracle Webcenter Content 11g;
  • Oracle Weblogic Server 11g;
  • Oracle Database.

Key Benefits:

  • Use of electronic administrative procedures governed by laws and decrees established by government agencies;
  • Optimize financial resources by standardizing tools and Document Management Processes that could be used by any government agency;
  • Scalable productivity, using workflows with business rules associated with individual performance;
  • Single and centralized repository, under the standards of eARQ;
  • Managing physical and hybrids processes;
  • Panels with graphic display execution of activities by users;
  • Integration of processes with legacy systems ensuring agility and authenticity in the processing and communication of information;
  • Improved services to citizens and servers by increasing operational efficiency and reducing rework originated by inaccuracy, outdated or loss of information.

Main features:

  • Classification of information in a standardized way;
  • Managing the flow of information in digital form;
  • Use of digital certificates in the standard ICP-Brazil for authenticity and integrity;
  • Centralized repository of administrative processes to obtain information to support strategic management;
  • Secrecy, criticality and temporality of document control with disposal policies;
  • Adherence to international standards of information management;
  • Use of a signing documents module.

Technical compatibility:

The iGov PAD Version 1.2 is compatible with Oracle Weblogic Server 11 g Release 1, Oracle Database 11 g Release 2, Oracle VM, Oracle Solaris 11 Express 3.0, Oracle Linux 5.5, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SuperCluster.

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