Oracle BPM

Complete solution for all types of processes

Oracle Business Process Management Suite is a complete suite of products that combines the main standards for BPMN and BPEL 2.0 engine with a standard execution. This removes the complexity and allows for the management of all types of processes efficiently. It offers a complete lifecycle process with modeling, management, simulation, optimization and execution of business processes across organizational divisions, systems and applications. Results begin in greater operational efficiency with strong productivity gains. How leading companies manage business processes that improve efficiency, increase margins, improve customer satisfaction, provide visibility and enhance operational excellence? They adopt BPM technologies to optimize business processes.

Oracle BPM Suite 11g includes the foundation for a unified process that simplifies and eliminates the complexity of development, deployment, monitoring and execution using a unified process engine and pre-integrated subsystems process. It is the most consolidated and available solution in the market. A user-driven design simplifies lifecycle management processes through BPM tools and Process Composer Studio tools providing paper-based and Web-based modeling tools that implement the model "what you design is what you execute" (WYDIWYE). This model eliminates synchronization problems between design and execution runtime.

Main features:

  • Strong user interaction;
  • Role-based access;
  • Lists, charts, key indicators in real time;
  • Process modeling in standard
  • BPMN, using activities and rays;
  • Configurable alerts;
  • Patented Technology;
  • Processes simulation;
  • Highly scalable;
  • Service-oriented architecture.

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